Bitcoin Mining Co-Op

The prices of Bitcoin mining hardware is expensive and I would like to take an invective to help those people that do not have the money to buy the new ACIS from Butterfly Labs. I want to offer a program that allows you to Co-Op with me while earning Bitcoin. I have 3 Jalapenos on preorder right now and I would like to upgrade to  a Little Single. I only require $200 to upgrade. My  line in place is 2985 for my first Jalapeno, so when I upgrade I will remain in that same position.

I am releasing 20 shares at $10 apiece. You can purchase as many as you want. The total cost of a Little Single is $650, so their will be 65 shares total and I will own 45 of them.   I will split the money evenly based on how many shares you have. Also you will be able to see how fast it is hashing via BAMT’s web admin. A website will be made showing you how much we made that week. I will buy the shares back at $15 after 1 month. You will get to keep your earnings.

More Information:

  • Shares Total = 65
  • Shares Selling = 20
  • Share Price = $10
  • Payments Accepted = Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Contact:

Thank you for reading and if you are interested please contact me at

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